Top 5 Bitcoin Exchange Affiliates To Look Out For In 2019

Cryptocurrency Exchange Affiliate programs allow Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency enthusiasts to earn an incentive by ensuring traffic to the web platform of the organizing Cryptocurrency Exchange. Every affiliate is given a Referral Code which they can share with new joiners. Each time a Referral Code is used, the affiliate gets a commission- the bigger the trade, the greater the incentives. Ranging anywhere from 20% to 40 % in payout values, here are the top five Cryptocurrency Exchange Affiliate program organizing platforms to look out for.


One of the most popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Affiliate program organizer, Coinbase offers 10 USD very time affiliate referrals are used to buy or sell at least 100 USD worth of Cryptocurrency. The 100 USD mark must be met within 180 days so that both the new user and the pre-existing affiliate get rewarded.

HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants, a California based company is best known for settling payments across borders using the power of Blockchain technology. Having their very own Cryptocurrency exchange named PayBito, it offers affiliates, 40% of the maker-taker fees. The company lets partner affiliates to run a Cryptocurrency exchange interface under the partner affiliates’ brand name. The affiliates are allowed to bring in customers and a steady inflow of traffic. The customers are allowed to place offers that are either matched on the affiliate’s exchange or the PayBito exchange ecosystem. Every offer maker and offer taker are matched, even when they exist on completely different exchange platforms. The account reporting module created by HashCash Consultants lets affiliates easily have a track of payments schedules, fees, and customers while also taking care of the customers’ KYC/AML verification. A retainer of $5,000 is fully refunded to the affiliates when their earnings exceed $15,000. The company is also known to host and manage the Cryptocurrency exchange of the affiliate on its internal cloud infrastructure.


The Bitcoin Exchange affiliate program organized by XCoins payout up to 50% to the affiliates for their referrals as affiliates continue to get paid throughout the lifetime, whenever someone uses their referral codes. There are many layers to the affiliate programs that are organized by this platform. XCoins also take payments through Credit Cards and PayPal which makes it all the more easy for new Bitcoin enthusiasts. Rewards and incentives generally are added to the XCoins wallet instantly.


Offering a plethora of altcoins, BitPanda is a famous Bitcoin Exchange Affiliate program organizer that mainly serves European customers. The platform allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoins with PayPal and credit card. Affiliates are rewarded with 2.50 Euro bonus every time a verified new customer initiates a purchase on the platform. Instant payouts have earned them vast popularity.


A renowned Bitcoin Affiliate Exchange Program organizer, Paxful offers lifetime earnings of 2% on every purchase that take place with referrals. Paxful offers website banners, referral links, and widgets along with a Kiosk link that can be shared with new Bitcoin enthusiasts. The incentives and rewards are directly reimbursed to the users’ Paxful wallet. They often run lotteries that reward the top three affiliates with thousands of dollars’ worth of rewards.


Note: The Author of this article is Soumanti Datta

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