PayBito Referral Program- Refer Friends, and Earn Crypto

Paybito enables the traders to earn cryptocurrency by referring friends and helps the users boost crypto trading in India and worldwide. This exclusive referral program for Indian and foreign traders allows users to earn crypto assets by only referring during registering on the platform. 

Steps To Earn Crypto

Now, referring a friend and earning crypto together is effortless with the Crypto referral program of Paybito. It’s time to introduce your buddies to the crypto world with Paybito. Get the chance to earn beneficial credit crypto both for you and your buddies. With a user-friendly and straightforward module for earning crypto, the referral program for Paybito works according to the steps given below:

  • To start with, one needs to sign-in to their respective Paybito account.
  • After completing the sign-in process, one needs to go to the “My Account” option and then to “Promotion.”
  • This step involves the Crypto referral program. Sharing the link or unique referral code with friends is to be followed.
  • Winning credits by referring to family and friends. 

Once the users register by using the link or unique code of the Paybito account holder, the credits are likely to get prompt added to both of the users’ Paybito accounts. It is three effortless steps of registration, refer and earn crypto assets together with friends and family. 

How the PayBito referral program works

Keeping the “sharing is caring” concept in mind, check out the points to help you earn cryptocurrency with family and friends by simply sharing your link or unique code. 

Step 1:

PayBito Referral Program- Refer Friends, and Earn Crypto

Initially, after entering the Paybito platform through the link, you need to log in by using your credentials. 

Step 2:

PayBito Referral Program- Refer Friends, and Earn Crypto

PayBito Referral Program- Refer Friends, and Earn Crypto

This step involves sharing the referral link. Enter the email address of your friend and your friend will get a mail with your unique ID. 

Step 3:

PayBito Referral Program- Refer Friends, and Earn Crypto

The third step involves your friend entering the referral ID given by you. 

Step 4: 

PayBito Referral Program- Refer Friends, and Earn Crypto

The final step involves your friend signing up with your link and waiting for credits to be added to both of your Paybito accounts. Checking the wallet transaction history in the Paybito platform can help you see the credits you receive from the referral code. 

With the Crypto referral program, Paybito has gained a heartfelt response from all of its global users. Furthermore, with the share and earn program, an immense increase in the registration counts and trading activities followed the curve uphill. This allowed them to provide an exceptional trading experience. Also, it has accelerated its cause of crypto mass adoption throughout the globe. 

What makes Paybito stand out from other Indian exchanges like WazirX, CoinDcx, ZebPay | Know The Differences 

Popularly acknowledged for their crypto offerings, crypto exchange, and superior trading features, Paybito is providing refer and earn options to their users. The earn crypto program of Paybito allows you to earn credits. Those credits are in the form of crypto assets that proceed by referring to a friend. By referring a friend or acquaintance, you enjoy a host of advantages in crypto assets. Also, introducing others with your referral code helps them reap those benefits too. Also, it is helpful for them to earn crypto as well. 

Speaking of features, Paybito comes with endless features that help them stand out from the market. Below, in the following points, we have discussed some of them. Check out some of the stand-out features of Paybito that distinguishes Paybito from other Indian exchanges like WazirX, CoinDcx, Unocoin, and ZebPay:

  • Multi-currency, multi-signature, and SegWit enabled exchange are some of the unique features of Paybito that makes it stand out from the rest in the Indian trading market. 
  • Leverages advanced security protocols, enhanced wallet security, and critical encryption keeps Paybito a step ahead from other Indian exchanges. 
  • The seamless trading experience assured by an effortless layout and user-friendly console makes them renowned, among others, in the market. 
  • Advanced features highlight Firebase, 2-factor authentication, BIP-32, and GA Pending transaction control with a block confirmation tracking option. 
  • Open order book provided to every trader. 
  • A 3-layered augmented security system helps prevent any breaches. 
  • Higher liquidity because of integration with significant global exchanges. 

About Paybito:

Founded in 2016, PayBito happens to be a US-based international exchange that recently reopened India’s trading services after the prohibition was elevated. With the headquarters in California, PayBito remains operational beyond geographies, including a steady track history of high rising trading quantities.  

The crypto exchange reopened India’s developments with seventy percent business strength allowing traders to deposit, buy/sell, and withdraw digital assets with INR. The market has preeminent cryptocurrencies recorded in the selling platform, providing people accessible admittance to the same, acknowledging them to increase their trading knowledge and asset holdings. It happens to be one of the leading global markets to provide INR support in India when it comes to withdrawals and deposits. Dealers are known to receive the most beneficial crypto rates when they enter the PayBito platform, with the lowest transaction fees.    

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