Top 3 Blockchain Companies

Blockchain technology is the “genie” of today’s world.

Blockchain is changing the way business works in the recent times. Blockchain technology is becoming very popular – it’s features are one-of-a-kind and makes the organizational structure of several industries extremely transparent and efficient. Participants of various companies are investing in blockchain so that companies can facilitate business practices in a swift and efficient way, can secure their finances and save money in logistics.

While researching on the top blockchain companies across the globe, I came across few international organizations which seem to make a deep impact in the world of blockchain. These companies are IBM, HashCash, SoftBank, SAP, Microsoft and PwC. Let’s check out the top 3 companies which is offering best blockchain based solutions across the globe.


IBM is opening up to a vibrant blockchain market which will facilitate people to buy, sell and trade in its digital asset for the underlying value it holds. They are introducing a fungible token in the liquid market which is going to open up a world full of possibilities.

IBM is one of the most popular companies, renowned for its blockchain based solutions, is changing the way the world works by offering blockchain solutions to its clients and creating more business value for them. IBM is implementing blockchain into core organizational level to eliminate third party interference in the crucial decision making process of the company. IBM has build a commercialized blockchain network which facilitates creating new value to small and medium enterprises and raising the bar of competitors to new level.


This California based company is one of the largest blockchain based product and service providers in the world. The company runs HC NET, the blockchain network used by 60+ global banks and currency exchanges. HC NET offers various products for Retail remittance, corporate payments, Market making and commerce. HashCash also runs PayBito, the US based cryptocurrency exchange which offer USD deposit/withdrawal facility. It also runs BillBitcoins, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment processor. PayBito and BillBitcoins are both offered as White label product to enterprises around the world. This Silicon Valley company also provides a wide array of ICO services to companies looking to launch their ICO tokens, among other things.


SoftBank, a Japanese company offers blockchain based solutions to organize and manage financial data of individuals and enterprises globally. This system is build to facilitate the investors to access relevant data and credit histories of potential customers across the globe. It is extremely beneficial to banks and financial institutions as it offers them instant access to the database of future borrowers which comprises of their credit statement and consumer activities.

This organization aims to estimate conveniently the borrower’s solvency problem. The blockchain system by SoftBank assist in not only give access of credit history of potential lenders but also offer the database of their real estate ownership to financial organizations.

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