Broker’s Treat For Hungry Kids: The PayBito Pledge

The only solution to beating child hunger is a combination of empowering mothers to deliver nutrition to their children and drastically improving the food supply. Both these elements need financial funding, and governments have been more than generous in fighting child hunger worldwide.  Corporate enterprises are also focusing their arrows on child hunger, as part of their CSR strategies. Still, there is a gap, and the zero-hunger world is just a fantasy. Digital assets exchange PayBito wants to contribute to the global fight against child hunger and has started the ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ campaign, encouraging associate crypto brokers to facilitate more transactions, earn more and in the meanwhile, help contribute to feeding children all over the world.

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The PayBito Pledge Against Child Hunger

A child who dies from hunger is a murdered child.
-Jean Ziegler
Former VC
Advisory Committee to the UN Human Rights Council

A PayBito crypto broker earns a commission for the trades made by the traders through their products on the PayBito platform. In addition, with Affiliated revenue sharing, PayBito crypto brokers can receive a 50% commission on trading fees for every user introduced to PayBito from their websites. For every dollar that the brokers make, PayBito has pledged to give a dollar to the child hunger cause. It might look like a tiny drop into the ocean today. In 2020, the crypto market’s value was just $826.6 million; today, it is near $1trillion, descending after almost scaling $2 trillion. The volume of crypto trading is increasing exponentially, and there is a consistent rise in the number of new brokers registering with PayBito.

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The Actual Value Of The PayBito Pledge

There is an enormous increase in the trading volume, which indicates its healthy liquidity rate. PayBito attracts several thousand brokers every year thanks to these increasing numbers. The trade volume will increase with the tremendous increase in players, and so will the crypto broker commission. Thus, donations to child hunger will always be on an accelerated rise.

Broker's Treat For Hungry Kids: The PayBito Pledge

Source: World Hunger Statistics 2001-2022 | MacroTrends

Apart from the spike in 2020 because of the pandemic, world hunger is already on a downward trend. If we could give that extra push financially, we can easily reach zero hunger, and the drastically improving crypto market and PayBito’s popularity can be the key to that headstart we all are looking for today.

The Future Of PayBito’s Pledge

The child hunger fight is always about tomorrow; thus, any CSR or pledge has to be evaluated on how it will be beneficial in the long run. 66% of Americans who have not invested in crypto are interested. This showcases an increase in first-time investors looking for reliable, high-liquid, secure, and easy-to-use platforms and efficient crypto brokers.

The PayBito white-label crypto broker platform will facilitate access to a self-branded exchange, high-security account, wallet, payment gateway, and others, access to multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, high-end AI analysis reports, and more. Thus, these features would make it more favorable for new crypto traders to get associated with PayBito. Therefore, naturally, the commissions earned by PayBito crypto brokers will increase with time, thereby more funds towards the child hunger fight.

How To Become A PayBito Crypto Broker To Be A Part Of The Pledge?

PayBito makes it easier to become a crypto broker. Visit the website’s registration form and fill out the details. It takes three working days for the representatives to contact you to provide you with a broker code. From there, follow the instructions to start your broker career. Every time your user conducts a trade with your products, you would receive a commission.

You will get immediate access to the API, trading options, built-in security features, around-the-clock support, reports and analysis, and more. You can try the platform features by registering for a one-month trial before starting. Click here for a quick hassle-free sign-up.

Why PayBito?

PayBito offers access to 400 crypto markets and options to trade in multiple crypto and fiat currencies. The daily trade volume is in the tens of millions; thus, it is a high-liquid platform. PayBito also complies with all regulatory requirements, from AML to records maintenance compliances. Therefore, you need not worry about confusing legal factors. The cutting-edge technology, security features, and scalability options make it a reliable solution for years to come.

Wrapping Up

The crypto world relies on a future generation investing in the market with more enthusiasm. For such a reliable market, there should be a reliable future generation. If we do not curtail child hunger today, we have no tomorrow.

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