Can Blockchain Help Create More Trustworthy Dating Apps?

Whoever thought that they would be able to meet their soulmate through a mobile app? But someone did, and now we have several online dating apps, promising the users to help find their true love. The new generation prefers to meet their ideal one online, over the traditional dating methods. However, the question is are these avenues safe?

Over the years, several users have complained of being duped by fake profiles on dating apps and sites and due to that, there is a lack of credibility. People prefer is mostly for casual dating rather than considering initiating a serious relationship with a match. But, now with the advent and growing popularity of Blockchain technology, dating app companies are considering DLT integration to make their apps and sites credible to the users.

Blockchain Safety for Online Dating?

There is hardly any sector left to be disrupted by Blockchain technology. From financial services to healthcare and supply chain management, the technology has found reliable use cases across verticals. Following the same strategy, the dating app industry is also looking for ways to integrate Blockchain with the existing processes and reap the benefits just like the other sectors.

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Transparency is the key-value endorsed by Blockchain, the dating app developers can exploit that by fortifying their user identity verification process. Such a process can successfully counter the issue of fake profiles on dating sites, which is one of the major concerns among the users.

The dating app companies can even incentivize the process, urging people to enter credible and original details about themselves and get rewarded by tokens.

Given under are a few ways in which Blockchain brings positive change to the online dating industry:

  • Improved Match-Making: With the integration of Blockchain along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the dating app users will be able to experience a better experience in meeting compatible partners. The technology will be able to assess better compatibility by comparing the parameters entered in the bio by the users. 

  • Increased Transparency: For long the users have been demanding more transparency in the whole process of dating apps and sites. Blockchain’s decentralized approach keeps the information open to all the users while keeping the control and authority in their hands. 

  • No Identity Thefts: With Blockchain, there is zero chance of extortion or identity thefts. It is also one of the primary concerns, as over the years several cases have been reported related to identity thefts.

  • Enhanced Security: The security protocols are stringent in a Blockchain environment as all private information is fortified public and private key cryptography. These keys can be used to verify profiles before they go live on the app or site.

All dating apps have confidential data stored in them, concerning the users that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but not when you have Blockchain to protect your data. Once the data is entered in the block, no one can alter it making it immutable. That addresses the issue of profile hacking in dating apps.

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All of the DNS entries are stored within the Blockchain which keeps the control of the records in the hands of the app users. 

Blockchain is the perfect technology to bring out the real and more secure chemistry between dating apps and their users, ushering a new revolution in the online dating industry.

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