Demystifying ICO Marketing

Similar to an IPO where investors buy a particular percentage of company share, ICO, the acronym for Initial Coin Offering refers to the process of raising funds for Cryptocurrency projects. It is a highly unregulated field where investors are sold a part of Cryptocurrencies in exchange for either legal tenders or Bitcoin and other Altcoins. With 5.6 billion USD collected alone in the year 2017 through successful ICO events, it has gained its fair share of the limelight. The entry of new Cryptocurrencies in the financial market on a daily basis insists ICO marketing to be done correctly in order to ensure the success of such events as well as the newly emergent Cryptocurrencies.

With the introduction of numerous new Cryptocurrencies in the market, it is of utmost importance that one must figure out the best means and perspectives of the wonders of ICO Marketing.  Before jumping into the ICO bandwagon, one must gather pragmatic reasoning whether digital tokens or Cryptocurrencies would at all add any value to the proposed business model. It is not suggested to indulge in ICO ventures if it does not add prominent value to a project or business idea. Figuring out the potential market aspects may help one to decide if an IPO or ICO method would draw in more investors. The next step to ensure is the compliance to all SEC rules and regulations regarding Cryptocurrency and ICOs. The vastly unregulated market has to pass through SEC checkpoints so that they do not breach the ethics of business.

It is also of the highest priority that the audience or investors be educated about the nature of the business and how digital tokens might be leveraged in the existing business model. Making the audience understand the technicalities which happen at the backdrop of any Cryptocurrency is important. Any business idea must be shared with potential insights as investors might want to know the inspiration behind the business model. Socially responsible causes, as well as groundbreaking theories, compel investors to invest and take interest in newly emergent Cryptocurrencies. Raj Chowdhury, the Managing Director of the California based Company HashCash Consultants claims “ICOs gain the most attention when they are listed on different exchanges. Here at HashCash, we list ICOs on the global exchange PayBito and different affiliate exchanges so that the ICOs reach its full potential by engaging the maximum number of investors.”

Apart from these, a strong digital marketing game is encouraged upon. A properly updated website along with digital communication through business platforms and social media enhance the chances of finding suitable investors. Furthermore, well-validated data sans any redundancy play a big role in fetching investors. A strong backstory, when backed with validated data, makes the cause and business model even more alluring for the investors to take a keen look upon.

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