FAB joins HashCash on Blockchain Based Corporate Payments

San Francisco, California, USA, JUNE 28th, 2018 –

The First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is eager to adopt blockchain-based corporate payments and is joining hands with the California-based blockchain giant HashCash Consultants regarding cross-border corporate payments.

The FAB is all set to try out the HC Corporate Payments which is a blockchain powered corporate payment platform by HashCash. It is largely used for business to business payments by banks, corporate houses and FINTECHS.

The First Abu Dhabi Bank is adapting to the new blockchain based cross-border corporate payments for transfering of funds to its various branches. Previously they tied up with Ripple for corporate cross-border transactions. Now FAB seems to have agreed to opt for HC Corporate Payments, a HashCash product which is used by the large enterprises globally.

The first Abu Dhabi Bank has shown interest specifically in offering its customers a better experience with the help of the blockchain technology. HC Corporate Payments by HashCash has guaranteed easy and effortless blockchain based business to business payments with ease to its clients. HashCash offers its clients a platform for blockchain based cross- border corporate payments in a transparent, faster and more secure way.

Our commitment towards our partners goes a long way in enabling them onboard to a most efficient and cost-effective global blockchain payments network,” said Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director at Hashcash Consultants.

HC Corporate Payments brought a shift in the payment operations of global banks as well as enterprises in the management of the cross-border business to business transactions. It provides high-end security and complete transparency when it comes to payment transfers. The tracking and sharing of documents between the counterparties are made easy and hassle free with blockchain networking.

“Using blockchain banks and other financial institutions are seeking to introduce real time cross border payments. Integrating this technology into the payment process improves speed and at the same time reduces the cost of transferring money to corporate customers,” said Ishan Roy, Head of Products at HashCash Consultants.

HC Corporate Payments handle B2B payments in real time and execute the transfer of trade documents in a much secured way. The charges for payment transfers are low along with instant settlement facility.

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