HashCash Consultants Launches Billbitcoins as a White Label Product

BillBitcoins, a HashCash product, is a global bitcoin payment service provider from HashCash. BillBitcoins has launched a white label product service for global clients who would like to offer payment services to their merchants.

Billbitcoins provides its very own  white label cryptocurrency payment gateway  to accepts payments. It provides payment processing services with Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash for merchants and is one of the top bitcoin payment processors in the world presently.

“In the White Label Service, you can offer bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, as well as any Ethereum compatible ERC 20 token as a mode of payments to your merchants.” – said Raj Chowdhury, Managing director of HashCash.

A white label product offers an advantage to its clients such as:

  • Clients can get their very own branded payment processor and get started today.
  • Clients can offer their very own ‘White Label Bitcoin Payment Gateway‘ for the client merchants or acquirers of merchants who operate on a revenue share basis.
  • Both cryptocurrency invoices, as well as account management for the merchant, can be done simultaneously.
  • Availability to get Pay now buttons as well as in-built integration for various shopping sites for direct purchases through cryptocurrencies.
  • Payments can be accepted in other popular listed cryptocurrencies or any ERC 20 tokens.
  • Features such as payment dispute management along with ticketing are offered.
  • BillBitcoins offers most or all features that PayPal offers in the payment processing world, in addition to features to handle crypto payments
  • BillBitcoins offers integration to top cryptocurrency exchange for liquidity management.

A cryptocurrency payment gateway offers the advantage of:

  • Lower Transaction Cost
  • Faster Settlement
  • Elimination of Middlemen
  • Receive payment from anywhere in the world via SmartPhones or laptops
  • No risk of fraud payments
  • No Chargebacks
  • Maintains every single record and safeguards against identity theft
  • Refunds are made to the customers in a hassle-free manner by means of a single tick on the merchant account interface
  • Payouts are initiated quickly to the merchant bank.

About BillBitcoins

BillBitcoins allows merchants to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments and save on transaction cost without being exposed to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Merchants can eliminate middlemen, enjoy zero chargebacks, get fiat currency deposited directly to their bank accounts and do business globally using BillBitcoins. BillBitcoins is offered as a White Label Payment Gateway for accepting cryptocurrency payments. Enterprises using the White label product can offer their own payment processor to merchants or merchant acquirers at their own terms.

About HashCash

HashCash Consultants  started as a Blockchain Consulting Company in California in 2015. Today, HashCash products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using Blockchain Technology. Banks, Corporate Houses, Domestic Payment Networks, FinTech Companies, and Currency Exchanges use the HC Network for Retail Remittances, Corporate Payments, Trade Finance, and Payment Processing. HashCash has 100+ enterprises using its products in 26 countries.

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