The Mutual Fund Investments and Securities Exchange Introduced by HashCash Consultants is an Ace ATS to Curb Insider Trading

Up-to-date brokers are competing to incorporate technologically sophisticated alternative trading systems (ATS) to harness the benefits of real-time trading of securities. Catering to the growing demand for this service, Silicon Valley-based blockchain expert, HashCash Consultants, has introduced blockchain solutions dedicated to facilitating a swift transfer of assets while mitigating the scope of market abuse as well. The software development company is currently working with a few leading Mutual Funds in the US and Puerto Rico with a focus on Tokenized securities offering- one of the most practical uses of Blockchain.

The Mutual Fund Investments and Securities Exchange by HashCash Consultants:

The decentralized blockchain platform by HashCash combines low-cost stock and options trading with the highest privacy and security. The Securities trading exchange platform enables corporate clients to issue their own securities such as Investment funds, REITs, Commodities and others. These are listed by Fund Management companies in numerous HashCash offered trading exchanges present around the globe.

The blockchain company formats private blockchain networks in line with HC NET which tokenize Security titles. The Securities Trading Exchange set up communicates with the blockchain network to manage the dynamic allocation of the Titles of the securities as trading occurs on the exchange.

The exchanges are equipped to handle order types such as Limit, Market, Stop loss, Basket trading, Margin, Futures, Options and more. A client can circumvent hefty license fee and choose the No license fee model offered. The team at HashCash Consultants develops customized exchange platform for a one-time low setup cost and optional maintenance contracts. Flexibility here, too, can be found in Time-in-Force choices such as ‘Good Till Cancel’, 1 HR, 2 HR, 12 HR or custom time frames that are available.

Other benefits include on-boarding accredited investors and clients who are interested in issuing securities through an automated validation process. Users can also avail advanced analytics and risk management modules for a better experience.

Relevance of blockchain in securities exchange:

The attraction for blockchain in the investment sector comes from its potential to curb market abuse achievable by its property of decentralization. It can bring about significant change to the system depending on the extent to which the network distributes information regarding specific securities to investors. However, much of the effectiveness of the technology depends on which stage of trade or settlement it is implemented in.

Since its inception in 1934, capitals markets have evaded a clean-up by SEC that can be comparable to the difference real-time trading using blockchain could bring about. Naked short selling, late trading, insider trading, wash trades, front running, and spoofing are some of the problem areas that greater transparency would easily prevent.

Blockchain, with its consensus algorithms, acts as a trust machine. It instills this trust by providing access to network participants to the immutable, shared ledger. The transparency of the market is directly proportional to the number of investors or blockchain network participants.

Raj Chowdhury, MD of HashCash Consultants, explains,

“A greater transparency results in deterring market abuse, which is what ultimately leads to increased movement of capital from a stagnant state to an active one. Blockchain, thereby, boosts the efficiency of the very function of capital markets.”

About HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants started as a Blockchain Consulting Company in California. Today, HashCash products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using HashCash Blockchain network, HC NET. Financial Institutions use HC NET for Retail Remittances, Corporate Payments, Trade Finance, and Payment Processing. HashCash also runs the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, PayBito and the leading Cryptocurrency payment processor, BillBitcoins.

HashCash offers cryptocurrency exchange and payment processor white label solutions, comprehensive ICO services and customized use case design and development. HashCash propels advancement in the field of blockchain through the Blockchain1o1 program and its investment arm Satoshi Angels.


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