Introduction To The World Of Next Generation Commodity Exchange Software

The commodity exchange software has changed the landscape of commodity trading for different industries. Today, commodity exchange is made easy through algorithm rich applications which conduct most of the mathematical calculations to assist the users.

The concept of next generation commodity exchange software has been given a realistic shape by the leading exchange software development companies. The modern commodity exchanges are powered by high level analytics and help companies which are dealing in commodities. With the assistance of commodity exchange software, they supercharge their performance through information driven decision making. The users of commodity exchange software platforms are able to take control of the growth ladder of their business. With the assistance of a standard commodity exchange, one can easily get decision backup support to effectively manage their positional visibility on the corporate network. Today, enterprises and business individuals engaged in commodity trading can harness the power of all inclusive commodity exchange suites.

The common commodity exchange software are empowered with rich features for matured decision making and create must win situations in dynamic commodity markets.

Why opt for custom commodity exchange software

  • Enables better commodity trading with comprehensive coverage for sales and trading through profit/loss analysis and real time portfolio management.
  • Helps the client to respond to new market opportunities and supporting the existing complex ledger books if necessary
  • Provides electronic clearance of commodity trading resulting in smooth execution and trading.
  • Consolidated view of risk assessment with data being supplied real time

Industries being serviced by the commodity exchange software

  • Crude oil, natural gas and bio gas
  • Chemical industry manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Iron and Steel

What puts the users of commodity exchange software on the driving seat?

System for KYC/Verification

  • Customer Management System: An advanced customer management system helps the traders trade more effectively over the highly competitive commodity exchange market. It is a revolutionary platform which manages the entire spectrum of the commodity trade. 
  • Document Management: Helps in managing all internal and external documents of the commodities trade market. 
  • 3 point architecture: The three point architecture provides real time updates during the trading hours. 
  • Firebase, firewall implementation: This is a protective architecture which protects the trading data from being tampered or compromised. 
  • Analytics with infographics: Analytics with infographics helps users negotiate with the lie data feeds and understanding their true nature. 
  • Stats on Futures & Commodities: Predictive data on future of commodities goes a long way in helping the platform users in refining their bids for future scenarios 
  • Real Time Stock Data: Real-time stock data during commodity trading helps a great deal in coping up with given situations and scenarios to make better trading decisions. 
  •  Global Indexes & Currencies Overview: This is a very helpful overview available for the exchange users. 
  • Advanced Analytics: In course of time, the advanced analytics helps in taking more matured business decisions rather than the ones which could result in long term or short term losses. 
  • Configurable software within the core code to match your unique business processes: Commodity Exchange software can be customized to best suit the needs of the business dealing in the trade. Thus, it is one of those platforms which are extremely customer friendly.
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