PayBito Spreads To The East: Shakes Hands With South Korean Fintech Enterprise

PayBito is improving its global presence by collaborating with several financial enterprises across the globe. All the previous collaborations have led to successful collective development and advanced crypto adoption. Recently, the US-based firm has confirmed its partnership with a South Korean fintech enterprise to offer crypto exchange solutions.

South Korea In The Crypto Ecosystem

South Korea has a thriving crypto community with more than 20 crypto exchanges competing to grab a stronghold in market shares. Ten percent of the locals use cryptocurrencies, and more than 150 online businesses use crypto as a viable currency. The nation is yet to announce crypto as an official currency, but locals are already keen on owning and trading. Regarding the future of South Korea in the crypto world, it has invested $177.1 million in the metaverse and long-term crypto plans.

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CEO Speaks

PayBito Chief and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury announced the collaboration stating, “South Korea is emerging as a major player in global crypto-economics. The collaboration is a step forward to expanding horizons and contributing to further digital asset development.”

The Entry Of PayBito Into South Korea

The venture with the South Korean fintech enterprise is the latest collaboration of PayBito. South Korea is a steady and vibrant market for the crypto biome. PayBito is a pioneer in integrated crypto-forex solutions that offers a white-label crypto solution for crypto brokers. The daily transaction volume of the platform exceeds USD 5 billion thanks to its high-performance architecture, banking-grade security, easy-to-use feature, cross-platform compatibility, and easy-to-join broker programs. All these points to a successful output for both PayBito and South Korea in this collaboration.

Chowdhury concluded, “In the end, how we serve and treat is what attracts clients to a business venture. The collaboration will lead to a positive change in the South Korean crypto community, powered by trust and transparency.”

After all, this is not the first venture for PayBito. It already serves 26 nations and plans to expand more in the Middle East and India. It is also aiming to venture into the metaverse in 2023.

Wrapping Up

Crypto adoption is increasing geometrically, and financial institutes are eager to diversify and add crypto trading to their services. Thus, several entities are looking for reliable white-label crypto solutions with a good reputation, security, scalable architecture, KYC & AML compliances, and high liquidity.  


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