Smart Phones With Space Age Technology By Apple! Witness History Being Created Live On Youtube

The new iPhone launch in the year 2019 is expected to the take the internet by storm. Apple has already created headlines with the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone XR versions having robust features and functionality like 1 meter water resistance. Readers might be wondering what else could be packed in a 7 inch frame what they could not think of! Well, in this age of Artificial Intelligence and digitization, there is very less to predict but a lot to do implement! The same thought process has been used by the brains behind iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Apple Trio will offer a triple camera system which will boost the platform’s imaging capabilities. It is expected to be the mother of all cameras. Some of the internal specs of the upcoming trio of iPhones are:

  • 7nm A13 SoC
  • Taptic Engine
  • Face Id
  • USB – C port

Release Date: According to confirmed reports from Apple, the launch date would be 10th of September.

Location: Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino, California at 10 am, PT

Price: The actual price figures have not been discussed yet but the phones are expected to be expensive by all means.

Interesting facts: For the first time, Apple would be live streaming the event live on YouTube; unlike the previous instances when the viewers were forced to watch it on Microsoft’s Edge Browser.

The iPhone 11 would be using the advanced A13 chipset along with a 4Gb RAM. One of the features which is being omitted is the Radio feature which would have allowed long distance iphone users to communicate by bypassing cellular networks. This feature was supposed to be a part of the iPhone 11 tri series initially, but was omitted considering certain compliance issues which might come up. There are countries which would not allow bypassing of cellular networks for the purpose of communication.

Although there has been several speculations regarding the other features of the upcoming iPhone 11, nothing can be said with confidence till the final product is launched. Readers are advised to hold their excitement till the last moment.

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