The STO Service By HashCash Is Set to Make A Big Impact On The Evolving Securities Market

Tokenization of securities is the next big milestone in the story of blockchain evolution. The relatively new set of values vested in security tokens is favored by accredited investors over utility tokens, and this has caught the attention of enterprises looking to raise funds. HashCash Consultants – a prominent California-based blockchain company with a track record of numerous ICO successes – has come up with a top-notch STO service to fit this new market and ensure a successful fund-raiser.

Features of the STO Service by HashCash:

HashCash Consultants has taken its broad experience in the ICO market and designed a strategy for STOs offering the same level of efficiency. These can be categorized as under-

1. Pre STO Launch services– This includes legal services, the creation of a website and landing page, and drawing up comprehensive white papers. Clients will be represented and guided by the legal team of the blockchain company to navigate the STO related regulations. The legal team will be responsible for selection of intermediary for STO, assessment of AML regulations, and Token Purchase Agreement.

An informative landing page provided by the blockchain company hosts features such as tokenomics, team details, STO launch date and roadmap. The website is integrated with smart contracts to show the live token’s count, supply and the amount it raised.

2. STO Development – A team of technical experts create security tokens using token issuance platforms such as HC NET. Investors and issuers are then given access to a multifunctional dashboard that enables management of KYC/AML records, Accredited Investors, Market Cap, Fund Raising and Investments.

HashCash, a leading producer of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, customizes security token exchange for STOs to be traded in the secondary market. These can also be traded through ‘Over the Counter’ (OTC) where accredited investors can trade directly with the token holders.

3. Post STO Launch – Technical support is provided to clients for the entire STO process. Assistance is meted out swiftly through a ticketing system and instant chats to maintain community trust.

A very important part of the HashCash STO service is STO marketing, which is organized and executed by marketing experts. The marketing activities incorporated to reach the right audience are influencer outreach, airdrop campaign, press releases, pitching STO listing sites, ad campaign management, and more.

STO Landscape in 2019:

The dip in the retail market late last year and abated demand from retail investors for ICOs laid down the path for an invigorated interest in STOs this year.

 Raj Chowdhury, MD of HashCash Consultants, explained, “STOs are seen as a new use case for real-time digital assets whose operations lie within legal boundaries. Its ability to efficiently manage a large number of shareholders through tokenization makes it an attractive option to issuers. The process involved also hastens the liquidity of shares.”

More and more blockchain companies are molding their services to improve their marketing and legal services to suit the demands of STOs. In this climate, well-established names such as HashCash Consultants are poised to earn quick success owing to their pre-existing global investor network, and extensive community involvement. An added advantage for the blockchain company lies in the fact that it operates the leading cryptocurrency exchange, PayBito, and has partnerships with other notable exchanges set up by them through the white label service. As HashCash strides into the STO market, their line of services will imbibe new features developed in the blockchain technology to cater their STO services appropriately. In the not so distant future, STOs will outpace ICOs. They will be legal, regulated, and a source of genuine potential returns to investors.

About HashCash Consultants:

HashCash Consultants started as a Blockchain Consulting Company in California. Today, HashCash products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using HashCash Blockchain network, HC NET. Financial Institutions use HC NET for Retail Remittances, Corporate Payments, Trade Finance, and Payment Processing. HashCash also runs the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, PayBito and the leading Cryptocurrency payment processor, BillBitcoins. HashCash offers cryptocurrency exchange and payment processor white label solutions, comprehensive ICO services and customized use case design and development. HashCash propels advancement in the field of blockchain through the Blockchain1o1 program and its investment arm Satoshi Angels.



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