Top 10 ICO Marketing Solutions Provider That Can Make Your Initial Coin Offering A Success In 2019

The 2019 ICO market is predicted to be different than how we have known it to be in the past two years. Entering a mature phase, it will be unlike the frenzy of 2017 and the lack of excitement from investors in 2018. Initial Coin Offerings, from that perspective, may start to resemble traditional markets, demarked, however, by characteristics unique to token sales.

Despite the shift in market behavior, one aspect that remains the same is the boost ICOs have given to the number of ICO marketing companies. Therefore, by now there is almost a surplus of marketing service providers to be found, making it difficult to choose an efficient one that can do your ICO justice. 

1. Element Group

Element Group is a well-known name in the sea of ICO marketing agencies. It provides an array of comprehensive services which includes organizing token sales and ICOs, facilitating interaction between issuers and buyers, and streamlining marketing processes. The company specializes in asset management and assists in capital markets, and technology. Its high-end advisory services have proved instrumental in integration of crypto economics within traditional finance fields.

2. HashCash Consultants

The ICO marketing solutions by the prominent blockchain company cover fund-raising, technology, legal solutions. The team of experts at the company also provides business consultations, marketing strategies, drawing up white papers, and creation of a high-tech website and a multi-functional landing page.
HashCash introduces crypto- investors and validators to ICO projects, creates a PPC account along with ad budget and targeted keywords, and launches a large-scale PR campaign with a global reach.

HashCash runs a global exchange, PayBito, where you get the opportunity to list your ICO token through a due diligence coin listing process.

3. Crowdcreate

Based in LA, this is a popular marketing agency concerned with crypto marketing channels. The agency manages branding, designing and video production, media management, PR outreach, and influencer marketing. A data-driven approach, they say, is behind the success of every campaign.

4. Official Startups

Official Startups is a Canada-based strategic business consulting, brand management, and marketing agency dedicated to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and help manifest business ideas of new entrants into various industries.

5. AmaZix

AmaZix comprises a strong management team and professional cryptocurrency consultants behind every project. The company focuses on community management – an essential part of ICO marketing.

6. Icobox

This Russian company provides a range of necessities for any ICO project. This includes whitepaper writing, legal assistance, and aid in every other major process that makes a good ICO campaign. Of these, it is their PR capabilities they are best known for.

7. Bitcoin Suisse

Bitcoin Suisse excels in managing alternative finances and non-banking assets which are different from the traditional banking establishments. While Bitcoin remains their focus, the company is also recognized for extending services and consultation to other cryptocurrency-related projects.

8. MaZee

MaZee emphasizes on community management and understands the significance of community trust. It executes well thought-out bounty campaigns and drives successful community engagement across several channels. Although the company does not offer too many services related o ICOs, it does exceptionally well in this one aspect. MaZee creates solutions using their strong suit and designs them according to each client’s preference.

9. FoxTaiL Marketing

This US-based digital marketing company is experienced in successfully completing a range of ICO campaigns. It offers lead generation services for mid-market companies, but its primary area of expertise lies in content marketing. It leads with strong social media marketing and branding traits. FoxTail Marketing provides a comprehensive list of ICO related services with a broad range of capabilities.

10. Sparkchain

Behind the scenes at Sparkchain is a team of proficient blockchain and digital currency marketers. The company is adept at developing protocols, smart contracts, and community development, and an array of other fairly technical capabilities. A broad understanding of the underlying technology has enabled the team at Sparkshain to produce permissioned ledgers, exchanges, wallets, mining applications, and others.

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