Top 10 ICO Service Providers of 2019

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) can be said to be the cryptocurrency space counterpart of an IPO in the mainstream investment sector. ICOs are a method of acquiring crowd-funding especially for blockchain companies and companies looking to create and market their own cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency related apps, and services. Interested investors purchase the new coins on offer against fiat currency or preexisting digital tokens like ether. The investors put their money into an ICO with the hope that the token will appreciate in value in future, becoming the means of a notable return on investment. Startups that go the ICO way are also able to sidestep the regulated and rigorous capital-raising process mandated by venture capitalists or banks.

Apart from the actual potential of the product or service that backs the newly launched cryptocurrency, a major onus of its success is taken up by the ICO service provider the company chooses to work with. Some of the best performing ICO service providers of 2018 are still at the helm in 2019. The following lists the most popular of them and companies looking to get the most out of their money to launch an ICO could look into them further:

  1. Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV)(Switzerland) | Full-service STO agency, incubator

Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV) is a Swiss business whose operations include venture firm incubating, developing and investing in blockchain-enabled businesses. BVV provides advice to blockchain ventures and projects in every financing stage. This covers seed investments over all phases of an ITO to initial public offerings. The company is known for its expertise in token economics and develops a broad range of practices that enable it to conduct large scale and complex ITOs.

  1. HashCash Consultants (USA) End-to-end ICO service provider

The California based blockchain company is a prominent provider of blockchain banking and financial solutions to corporate houses across several nations.

HashCash ICO stage offers the capability to manage the ICO process throughout its lifecycle in a regulated and compliant manner. HashCash services extend beyond the ICO phase to listing tokens on various global exchanges. HashCash owns PayBito, a leading global exchange where ICO clients can list their token if approved by PayBito underwriting. Additionally, HashCash – the largest white label provider of cryptocurrency exchanges – creates listing opportunities for ICO clients in many global exchanges set up by them.

  1. Ceito  (Singapore) | Technical environment, Legal

Ceito’s integrated workflow platform helps project owners navigate the complicated fundraising process to ensure that their ICO is executed in a compliant manner. Here, investors can scout projects they believe in to invest, and the project owners too can screen their backers using the platform’s fully integrated KYC/AML solution. 

  1. Bitcoin Suisse (Switzerland) | Full-service ICO agency

Bitcoin Suisse has expertise in alternative finances/non-banking assets, also understood as decentralized​ or digital finance. The company is facilitating ICOs/TGEs (Initial Coin Offerings/Token Generation Events) by collecting compliance documents and funds of participants through the ICO platform. Although their focus is Bitcoin, the company does well in providing service in the field of physical precious metals and other cryptocurrencies. These services include storage solutions and liquidation of raised funds through the trading desk.

  1. Ticoon  (France)Marketing and PR  

The dedicated marketing advisors at Ticoon believe that a great idea alone is not enough to make an ICO a success. The global economy is intensely competitive, and the company relies on human creativity, motivation, dedication and collaboration for its success. Its strong ICO analytical background, counsel and investments in a litany of projects have accumulated the company a diverse client base of start-up projects and major firms. Ticoon ensures the success of their client’s project by taking it to the target audience through appropriate canals for marketing to spread an impacting message.


  1. Crypto Gang (Ukraine, Poland) | Branding, Design, ICO/STO Websites

Crypto Gang is a branding agency popular among tech and blockchain-related businesses. They specialize in brand strategy, corporate brand identity, designing whitepapers, website design and development, pitch decks, and other visual materials. Their clients include VCs, ICO and STO projects, blockchain consultancies, exchanges, and others.

  1. Validity Labs (Switzerland) | Technical environment

Validity Labs offers ICO Services to their clients and lends them technical support from the initial stages to turn their token idea into an executable concept. Their primary service is the full development, testing, and auditing of the smart contracts for tokens and ICOs.

Validity Labs is a prominent commercial smart contract training business in Europe that has partnerships with leading academic institutes.

  1. Priority Token (Russia) Full-service ICO agency

Apart from standard token offering services, Priority Token offers thorough review and benchmarking against competing ICO and STO projects to strategically promote their client’s token in a unique fashion. The company pitches the project directly to an extensive global network of private and institutional investors, along with private investor roadshows. The diversified service offered by Priority Token also includes provision for Security Token Offerings and post-ICO/STO secondary trading.

  1. Blockchain Partner (France) Full-service ICO agency

Blockchain Partner is a French expert in consulting on blockchain technologies. Its ICO services begin with studying opportunities for ICO projects, and strategic review of white papers ranging from replay with feedback to co-construction. The company guides with strategic decisions of ICOs so clients may avoid common mistakes. Blockchain Partner develops the smart contracts for ICOs, conducts its security audit as well. The dedicated and private site provided by them allows clients to follow all the necessary indicators during the event ICO event.

  1. AmaZix (Denmark) | Community management

AmaZix is a group of professional ICO consultants who provide a turnkey service to crypto projects based on Bancor or on the Ethereum Network. Having a strong community presence, partnerships, and effective marketing strategy throughout the ICO process is central to successful crowdfunding. Investors conduct their own due diligence using white papers, blog posts, and online research. A lack of adequate coverage of a project could dissuade them from backing it.  AmaZix ensures that this is never the case for its clients, providing them with the needed guidance to ace in the market.  

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